We go the distance so our clients can finish first.

General Consulting

The Marathon Consulting team has won more elections in Oklahoma than all the competition combined. Known for successful strategy and well-honed execution, our team has won campaigns in every county of the state. Whether you are running for the state legislature, statewide office, or seeking a seat in Congress, the campaign professionals at Marathon Consulting Group can lead you to victory.

Direct Mail

The creative team at Marathon Consulting Group has written and designed award-winning campaign mail for the past decade. Our high-quality mail is compelling and persuasive, delivering the right message at the right time--to the right audience. Campaigns in Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia have all succeeded with our direct mail. Contact us if you're interested in some of the best political mail in the country.


Every campaign needs a successful fundraising operation to execute their plan. The fundraising team at Marathon Consulting Group has raised millions of dollars for candidates, political action committees, SuperPAC's and issue advocacy groups in Oklahoma. Our fundraising professionals are experienced in creating and executing development strategies, and our data is second to none.